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Amendments, Inclusion and Deletion of Endorsements of Passport

A Sri Lankan passport holder may apply for amendments of the data included in his/her passport and if the request is accepted by this Mission, all such amendments will be included in the observation and alterations page. Please note, that if the signature / photograph is to be changed a new passport should be applied.


1. Inclusion of a child in parent's passport

The inclusion of names and photographs of children under 16 years of age can be done only into a ‘M’ series passport of a parent / legal guardian (passport number beginning with the letter ‘M’)

Children under 16 years of age are not included in the ‘N’ Series passports and it is compulsory to obtain a separate passport for them. Please note that the child included N passports will be cancelled upon arrival in Sri Lanka.

2. Alteration of surname or other names in the travel document or to change the name after marriage

  •  Dully filled Form 'O'
  • Original passport
  • The Original certificate of birth / marriage in proof with a photocopy
  •  Husband’s original passport with a photocopy ( If change the name after marriage)
  •  Relevant fee - USD 12 per amendment


3.    Change of Profession

  • Dully filled Form 'O' 
  • Write the manner in which the profession / designation or job description should be included
  • Document / certificate in proof of the profession / designation with one photocopy
  • letter from the employer confirming the profession /designation or job
  • Relevant fee - USD 12 per amendment


4.     Deletion of the names of Children

  • orm Form 'C' should be used for the deletion of the names of children below 16 years of age in a travel document
  • Relevant fee - USD 12 per amendment