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Registration of Deaths Outside Sri Lanka


A death can be registered at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Ankara provided the following conditions are fulfilled;

  • The deceased is a citizen of Sri Lanka
  • The death had occurred in Turkey or in an accredited country*

Procedure for Registration of Death

The application for registration of death form Registration – (B 11) should be made to the Embassy within three months of the death. (Under "section 30")

When an application is made after 03 months and within one year, reason for delay should be submitted in writing to the Embassy. (Under "section 36")

When an application is made after one year, an explanation addressed to the Registrar General should be forwarded, before such a death is registered at the Embassy.

Certification of Death will be sent to the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombo.


  • Duly filled application form - download application
  • Passport of the deceased or if the deceased is a minor, the passport of the parent valid at the time of the death
  • Death certificate of the deceased issued by the Competent Authority in Turkey in an accredited country
  • Fee for registration & issuance of death certificate – 13 USD

An applicant should be the nearest relative of the deceased or a relative of the deceased who resides in the country, where the death occurred or the main occupant of the house where the death occurred or the doctor in charge of the hospital/public institution where the death occurred or if there are no such person who takes action to dispose of the deceased by burial, cremation or other.

If relatives wish to repatriate human remains, it is necessary to get relevant certification from the Embassy for Death Certificate issued from relevant authorities and other Export certificates.



If the deceased person is a Sri Lankan national following documents should be certified from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey or accredited country and legalized from the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Turkey. 

  • Death Certificate
  • Coroner’s Certificate/ Post-mortem Certificate
  • No Infection Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Original current Sri Lankan passport with visa status

Next of Kin – Nominate a representative in Sri Lanka who takes responsibility of the funeral arrangements and to obtain approval from Department of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo to repatriate the human remains.

  • Consent letter from Next of Kin.
  • Flight details

Attestation of documents relating to burial / cremation of human remains and documents relating to the dispatch of human remains swill be done are free of charge.

If you wish to take cremated remains to Sri-Lanka, please ensure you have the following documents.


  • Local death certificate
  • Cremation certificate
  • Acceptance letter from the relevant cemetery where the ashes to be laid- if necessary.

Please note: Death & Cremation Certificates should be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey or accredited country and the Embassy of Sri Lank in Turkey. Further should check with the airline and airport(s), which you will be travelling through, for their requirements.