Ambassador M. Rizvi Hassen met two prominent Trade Chamber Chairmen, Mr. Selçuk Öztürk, Chairman of Konya Chamber of Commerce & Mr. Memis Kutukcu, Chairman, Chamber of Industry, Konya and their ex-co members on 17th July2020. During the meetings with the two Trade Chamber Chairmen the Ambassador shared information on potential sectors i.e manufacturing, service and consumer goods that can be established trade and investment contacts with Sri Lanka. The members of two chambers who present at the meetings showed their keen interest to establish cooperation in terms of trade and investment. The both Chairmen further agreed to organize virtual B2B meetings with the trade Chambers in Sri Lanka prominent Sri Lankan companies under the umbrella of Sri Lankan Trade Chamber or Export promotion organizations in Sri Lanka. Further, Konya Chamber of Industry agreed to connect Turkish and Sri Lankan industrialists to share information on investment opportunities in the two countries. Ms. Yoshitha Jayasuriya, Counsellor (Commercial) and Ms. Gajithra Navan (Second Secretary) attended the meetings along with the Ambassador. 

 The Organized Industrial Zone in Konya is one of the most fast developed and planned industry zones in Turkey. In Konya, there are two Organized Industry Zones and one private Organized Industry Zone (BUSAN). At the districts of Konya, there are also 7 developing organized industry zones. Konya is the centre of agriculture, commerce, industry and tourism in both Turkey and Central Anatolian Region as a locomotive for other cities. Konya also serves as very important manufacturing base in Turkey .Konya ranks 07th in GDP in Turkey with 79.8 Billion Turkish Liras.