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Job Order Authentication Procedure

Job Order Authentication Procedure

Registration of Turkish Recruitment agencies / Companies

Attestation of Job Orders


Attestation of individual employment contracts issued to the private registered agencies in Sri Lanka


Foreign agency/company registration process, job order authentication process and employment contract authentication process introduced by the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLBFE) is as follows.


  1. As a first step the foreign company/agency should register the company/agency with the Mission.


The following documents should be submitted in English

  • Form for registration of Recruitment Party  (A: Form) 
  • Request letter addressed to the Ambassador to register your company with the Embassy 


If the foreign company/agency fulfil the appropriate requirements Mission will issue a certificate valid for one year charging applicable fee.

Applicable fee for registration of a Foreign Agency /Company is 42 US $.


2.       The following set of documents should be submitted in English with the Chamber of Commerce/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkiye attestation for job order authentication 


1.       Demand letter

2.       Business Agreement

3.       Duly filled Special Power of Attorney

*Ensure that the correct format is used when submitting the job order and that those documents should be in official letter heads. Specimen of the above documents can be downloaded from SLBFE website.


4.       Business registration certificate

5.       Operating/ Activity certificate

6.       License of the company 

7.       Signature circular

8.       Profile of the recruitment company/agency

9.       Passport copy of the owner of the company in Türkiye 

10.     Details of subsidiaries, if any


The following documents should be submitted relevant to the Sri Lankan recruitment agency.

01.   License of the Sri Lankan partner agency

02.   Copy of the passport of the owner of the Sri Lankan agency


Applicable authentication fee for one job order is 180 US $

3.  The final process is authentication of an individual employment contracts for recruitment of Sri Lankan through a foreign Agency / Company and a Sri Lankan recruitment agency.

  1. Submit two sets of the individual employment contracts issued to the worker by the employer
  2. The terms & conditions of the employment contract should be in accordance to the prevailing laws of Türkiye and the minimum standards stipulated by the SLBFE.
  3. If the employment contract is accepted for authentication by Mission  and will charge prescribed employment contract authentication fee for each individual contract as follows;


Authentication of individual employment contract – per each 60 US $

(Note: if you wish to have 50 individual employment contracts under single authenticated job order you should authenticate all 50 contracts individually paying 60 US $ per each employment contract.)