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For emergency calls: 0090 312 427 10 32 / 0090 534 456 94 98 (Mobile)
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For emergency calls:
0090 312 427 10 32 / 0090 534 456 94 98 (Mobile)

Issuance of New Passports to Children Under 16 Years

Documents Required

  1. Duly completed (Form ‘K’- 35 A) application form.
  2. Current Passport (Copies of data/photo page & observation/alteration pages)
  3. Current visa to stay in Turkey/ Ukraine/Georgia and the document of “Non acquisition of Turkey/Ukraine/Georgia Citizenship confirmation from Turkey/Ukraine/Georgia authorities”.
  4. Coloured identical three (03) photographs (Size – 3.5cm x 4.5cm) in blue backdrop obtained within the last 03 months showing full face with both ears and forehead visible. Photographs should be without hat, helmet, glasses or any other face covering.
  5. Parent’s original Marriage Certificate (If they were married) and its English translation if it is issued by the country other than Sri Lanka and should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in relevant country.
  6. Original Birth Certificate (Translations are not accepted)
  7. Certificate under the Citizenship Act (Under Section 5(2) or 17) required, if the applicant was born outside Sri Lanka or a citizen by registration.
  8. Consent letter  signed by both parents giving their consent to issue a separate passport to the minor.
  9. Copies of parents current passports (Data page, observation/alteration pages and child inclusion pages)
  10. Current visa in the Turkey /Ukraine /Georgia
  11. Other appropriate documents (such as decision of the court if parents have divorced, death certificate if one or both parents are deceased, documentary evidence with regards to the legal guardianship/custody of minor)
  12. The Prescribed Fee:
All countries passport – If Applicant Produces the previous Travel document  (M & N series only) (for 10 years) USD 158
Minor Passport (for 3 years) USD 129