The Embassy connected two Presidents of the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka and the “Sinop” Chamber of Commerce & Industry to enhance interactions between two Trade Chambers recently. Subsequently, as a result of the initial interactions two Trade Chambers with the facilitation of the Embassy concluded a Memorandum of Understanding between two Trade Chambers to enhance more market access opportunities and also to mitigate the difficulties facing by their memberships.

Ambassador M. Rizvi Hassen speaking during the brief virtual signing ceremony held on 13/01/2022, once again highlighted the importance of regular interactions between trade Chambers in two countries to increase trade activities between the members and also indicated the need of outlining a road map of activities for year 2022, by using the MoU.

Mr. Nandika Buddhipala, President of the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka & Mr. Salim Akbas, President of Sinop Chamber of Commerce & Industry also spoke during the session and indicated their desire to connect with the membership of two trade chambers regularly by using virtual mode and also agreed to organize inward and outward in person business delegation perhaps second or third quarter of year 2022.

Mr. Bandula Dissanayake, Secretary General of the National Chamber of Commerce and Ms. Yoshitha Jayasuriya, Minister Counsellor (Commercial) of the Embassy also attended at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Embassy of Sri Lanka