The Mission successfully coordinated virtual meeting between Mr. Burhan Gün, Secretary General of TESİYAP (Professional Association Of Television And Movie Makers), Mr. Muhammet Faruk Bayram, Head of Department in the Directorate General of Cinema of Turkey of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, Mr. Madhura Wanigasekara, Deputy General Manager of Sri Lankan National Film Corporation (NFC), Mr. Rasitha Jinasera, President of Film Producers Guild of Sri Lanka and Prominent Film Producers of Sri Lanka to enhance bilateral exchanges, promote and develop film industries of the two countries.

During the meeting, Ambassador M.R. Hassen highlighted importance to promote and develop the film industries of Sri Lanka & Turkey. Mr. Burhan Gün, Secretary General of TESİYAP emphasized that Turkey is willing to cooperate with Sri Lanka in the field of cinema and he suggested to execute an agreement between TESİYAP and Sri Lankan Film Producers Guild to strengthen the relations.

Sri Lanka Film Producers Guild and TESİYAP agreed to host Sri Lankan and Turkish film festival in Sri Lanka and Turkey to understand two countries film industry and assistance for academic support in the field of scriptwriting, acting for young performers and producers of Sri Lanka. As an initial step, the NFC agreed to host Turkish film festival in Colombo early next year and TESİYAP agreed to facilitate a visit by Sri Lankan professionals in the industry to Turkey.