Sri Lanka shines in Ankara – promoting people-to-people contacts

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Ankara participated in the “5th International Culture Day” at OSTIM Technical University on 14th May and “BLIS International Day” of Bilkent Laboratory and International School (BLIS) and “Asia Night Culture Festival” at Kafka respectively on 14th, 15th, 18th May.

At three events, Sri Lanka stall presented Sri Lanka tourism promotion products, food and tea, traditional clothing, handicrafts and tourism promotion videos.

Students and parents visited the stalls, including the Sri Lanka stall.

The events were good opportunities to share information about Sri Lanka, especially with students, who also had a chance of experiencing Sri Lankan hospitality and cuisine.  

As Sri Lanka is not yet much known in Türkiye, this was yet another timely opportunity to promote Sri Lanka and its culture and increase people-to-people contacts.

Embassy of Sri Lanka

Ankara, Türkiye

20 May 2024