The Ambassador of Sri Lanka welcomed some of the Sri Lankan Students (high school exchange students and university students) and Alumni currently residing in Ankara and Istanbul.

The Ambassador discussed with the students regarding their studies and the facilities that they have.

The Ambassador assured that the Embassy would do its utmost to assist them whenever they need any assistance and not to hesitate to reach out to her or other staff members.

Further, some of them explained the promotional work they have been doing with the Embassy and also independently to promote Sri Lanka. The Ambassador appreciated their contribution and requested to support future endevours to promote Sri Lanka. Ambassador requested them to convey any such opportunities not only in their educational establishments, but also in their city.

Further, the Ambassador indicated future collaborations to be initiated to create more opportunities for Sri Lankan students, teachers/lecturers enabling them to pursue their higher studies in Turkiye through scholarship and exchange programmes.

The Ambassador also proposed a way to ensure that scholarships offered are utilized as the last time several of scholarship recipients has declined at the last minute.